As a Supply Chain and Logistics recruiter I was honored to attend a tour of the Toronto Pearson Airport with the CITT Toronto Area Council last week. Being on the “air side” of the airport I felt connected to all parts of the world. I always get a thrill from knowing that the plane I am looking at right now was in Amsterdam or Seoul, Milan or Dubai less than a day ago.

As a passenger flying from Pearson we don’t get to see the planes so close. It was unforgettable experience to stand on the tarmac by The Emirates A380. Not every airport can accommodate such aircraft and we are proud to have three of those per week at Pearson International.

During the tour I saw the complexity of airport logistics and now I have even more respect for people who work at Pearson International Airport who make sure everything runs smoothly during peak season or harsh weather conditions.

I can’t wait to book my next flight from Pearson!

Thank you CITT Toronto Area Council for organizing such an amazing event for Logistics and Supply Chain professionals. I am proud to be part of Supply Chain and Logistics community.

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