Posted on LinkedIn – May 25, 2020

Thanks Jim Wyer for asking me to prepare a presentation for your Supply Chain Management students at Seneca College this evening.

When preparing to teach, I find that I gain as much from the experience as my students. For tonight’s presentation I did extensive research on today’s career environment post-COVID, and uncovered some interesting nuggets:

1. There are plenty of supply chain and logistics job openings in Canada. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, companies urgently need talented supply chain and logistics professionals to keep product moving and to optimize supply chains.

2. Video interviews are now standard practice. Despite the high demand for supply chain professionals, here are a lot of highly capable people looking for a new role, so competition is fierce. In order to stand out, give yourself every possible advantage, and that includes optimizing the video interview.

3. The ability to analyze data is more important in supply chain than ever before. One of the key skills we look for in supply chain professionals is the ability to take a jumbled set of data and extract and summarize useful information.

Looking forward to sharing more tonight!

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