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If I could suggest only one piece of advice to someone preparing for a job interview, it would be to research the opportunity.

This means checking out the company and learning as much you can about the job itself.  Find out about the company’s competitors, their history, their future, the industry in which they operate. Go beyond the company website.  Look at page 2 and 3 of Google search results.  Look for news about the company.  Go on LinkedIn and find out everything you can about the people you’re going to be meeting with.  Check out other people who work for the company or used to work there.  If you see any familiar faces try calling them to get the inside scoop.

Use that research to prepare questions about the company and about the job itself. Find out what problem they are looking to solve by hiring someone for this role. If you can identify the gap they’re looking to fill, then effectively present yourself as the solution to their problems, they will hire you.

Most job-seekers prepare for their job interview by preparing and rehearsing answers to questions that may never be asked. Try this approach instead and see what happens.

Good luck!

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