“How do I get a recruiter to help me get a job?”

Recruiters will help you if they believe you will bring value to their clients. How to accomplish this?

First, define your ideal job. What sector? What job title? Be specific! Can you name 10 companies you would like to work for? The more specific you are, the better your chances of landing your dream job.

Second, you must be able to articulate how you will bring value to those companies. Ideally, you should have a track record of success with your current (or last) employer that proves your abilities. This is important – if you can’t bring value to those companies, why should they hire you?

Third, find a recruiter who specializes in your niche (supply chain and logistics, for example) and take the following approach:

Send your resume to the recruiter you want to speak with via e-mail. Then call that person. Don’t wait too long – an hour is about right.

“I sent you my resume about an hour ago and wanted to make sure you received it. I’m targeting a JOB TITLE role, and believe I can bring value to your clients. I understand you work in my niche, and I’m hoping you could introduce me to a few specific companies. Did you receive the resume?”

Give it a try!  Prepare ahead, then send me your resume and call me at 905-230-7454.

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