It Starts with You

The first and most important part of the SCL Search process is gaining a full understanding of our client’s requirements.  This normally means meeting with the hiring team to formulate an in-depth view of your organization’s history, operating style, and corporate culture.  The more transparent you are with us about your hiring needs, the better we can find and present the best match for your requirements.

Sources of Top Talent

Once we understand your requirements, we then compile a matching pool of candidates.  We find our candidates in many different ways, leaving no stone unturned.  We primarily target the “passive” candidate, that elusive group of talented individuals who are unlikely to apply to a job posting but may entertain an opportunity presented by our consultants.  We find these individuals in our proprietary database, on LinkedIn, and largely through word-of-mouth referrals, tapping into our network of Supply Chain and Logistics professionals across North America.  We also post on selected industry job boards so we can both attract active job seekers and replenish our database for future searches.

Making the Match

The key to a successful placement is not just finding talent, but the ability to identify the right talent for your hiring needs.  With our background in Supply Chain and Logistics we’re better able to understand your technical requirements, enabling us to look beyond credentials and keywords for the more important abilities and soft skills, making the right match every time.

Presentation of Shortlist

For every search, we sift through millions of profiles using Boolean search techniques, comb through resumes and interview notes and make hundreds of phone calls to build our initial candidate pool.  After in-depth screening including in-person interviews, we present only our top 3-5 candidates.  In addition to resumes, we also include a concise summary of our interview notes, outlining the details that may not be obvious from the resume, such as communication skills and career goals.


We pride ourselves on our speed of delivery.  Because of our proactive recruitment efforts, we normally present an initial shortlist within 4-5 days, but our in-depth search process from start to finish is typically about 3-4 weeks.  What happens from there is up to you.  We have lost some fantastic candidates because of delays in the interview process on the client side of the equation, so we encourage our clients to move quickly once we have found someone they like.

Sealing the Deal

We have negotiated thousands of compensation packages, and are experts in presenting your job offer in a way that greatly improves our chances of gaining an acceptance.  We also “prep” our candidates on how to professionally resign from their current role, thus reducing the chances of losing them to a counter-offer.  To wrap things up, we normally complete two employment reference checks.  As an additional service we can facilitate police record checks and credit checks if required.