SCL Search Consultants Ltd. is a recruitment consulting firm operating exclusively in the supply chain and logistics sector.  As a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional, I’ve studied and worked as a part of the industry; I have personally done inventory planning, managed warehouse operations, and worked in transportation planning and customer service.  I’ve been a part of the supply chain and logistics community since 2003, spending countless hours in volunteer roles with industry associations like CITT and Supply Chain Canada, as well as CSCMP and ASCM to name a few.  We host webinars, and frequently speak at colleges and universities about career development in Supply Chain and Logistics.

Why Supply Chain and Logistics?  It’s a unique industry, always changing, and very fast-paced.  Personality and soft skills are as important as hard skills and experience to career success in the SCL talent field.  It’s exciting to be part of the world of Supply Chain and Logistics, but the biggest reason I have such dedication to the sector is the people.  I have developed some fantastic friendships with candidates, clients and colleagues in Supply Chain and Logistics, and that’s really what keeps me engaged and why I give so much time to industry associations.

As you explore our website, I hope you will find something of interest, whether you’re hiring staff, looking for your next career move, or just looking for information about the SCL sector.

Please drop me a line if we can be of assistance.


Tom Pauls, CCLP

Managing Director

SCL Search Consultants Ltd.